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Advanced Placement Exams

College credit (help included)

Depending on which college you attend, the cost of each course can reach upward of $3000. Taking Advanced Placement courses in high school and scoring well on the exams can earn you the exact same credit for a fraction of the cost. Quality tutoring from a tutor who knows the AP curricula and the demands of the test can ensure that you have the best chance of success in these demanding subjects.


Have you memorized calculus theorems, but can't actually explain them? Did you find optimization problems difficult? Struggle with related rates? If you said "yes" to any of these questions you will benefit from tutoring.


While the computation component of a Statistics course is not very difficult, actually understanding how to complete a paragraph-long word problem is where the trouble usually arises. More than other math courses, statistics is "slippery" in the sense that it can be difficult to truly master the materials. I've heard many students complain, "I'm getting a decent grade in Statistics, but I really don't fully comprehend what I'm doing or why I'm doing it." If this sounds familiar, tutoring can help.