Charlotte Math Tutor


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule tutoring sessions on an as-needed basis?

Yes, but only with online math tutoring and scheduling would be on a session-to-session basis. Only students under contract (read: meet weekly on a regular basis) may reserve specific timeslots and hold them week-to-week.

Are you willing to tutor multiple students at one time?

No. I have tried multiple-student tutoring sessions and they always devolve into a half-hour session for each student. I noticed efficiency drop-off even when the two students being tutored came from the same class. In order to keep success rate high, I only tutor one student per session.

Are you experienced tutoring adult students?

Yes. I have tutored many undergraduate and graduate students and successfully helped them with their more advanced math courses. In fact, I even tutored a 72 year-old Jesuit priest. He was returning to school for a second Ph.d but needed help preparing for the math portion of the GRE exam.

Will you meet students at a local library?

No. There are several reasons why I do not meet students at libraries. Mecklenburg Public Libaries do not allow individuals to reserve study rooms more than one week in advance, which causes logistical problems when families sign a long-term contract. Moreover, libraries do not allow beverages and I really need my coffee or water to help me talk for eight hours a day!

Are you currently hiring tutors?

No. I have never posted a request for employees as I prefer to operate as a "one-man show." I don't expect to hire any tutors in the foreseeable future, although this situation could change as the tutoring industry continues to grow exponentially.

Do you offer a discount rate for homeschooled students if you meet with them frequently?

No. Since homeschooling involves more work on my part than standard tutoring sessions (e.g., lesson planning, grading, progress reports, etc.), I cannot offer this service at a reduced rate. Most parents of homeschooled students opt for the 36-session contract to keep overall costs lower.

Will you tutor for an exchange of goods or services?

Yes. If I have a need for a good or service that you or your company offers to the public, then I would be glad to entertain the possibility of exchanging a good or service for tutoring sessions. I am always open to creative ideas.