Charlotte Math Tutor


Parent and Student References

Laura, Marvin Ridge HS, AP Calc AB/BC and AP Stats

My name is Laura and for the past three years Rob has helped me with my upper level math classes at Marvin Ridge High School. Specifically, he's been a huge help with AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics.

Rob has proved to be an enormous asset in helping me in my math classes. Not only does he provide tutoring during the scheduled times, but also he has been very accommodating in helping me and other students throughout the week if we have homework questions or a big test.

Having the material explained by Rob has often given me new methods of solving problems that make sense to me and he's able to clear up things I don't understand in class. He has tons of resources to give you extra practice and I've found the notes he gives me to be superior to the ones I take in class. Additionally, Rob has shared valuable knowledge to prepare me for the AP exams that my teachers haven't always mentioned. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone looking for additional support in their math classes.

Matt, Myers Park HS, Honors Pre-Calculus and ASVAB

Rob was my tutor for half of a year while I was in Pre-Calculus. Before I began meeting with him, I had F's for both the 1st and 2nd quarters.

With his help I ended up with a C for the 3rd quarter and an A for the 4th quarter. My test scores went from the mid 60's and 70's to the 90's (and I even got a 106). He taught me trigonometry and with his help I scored a 90 on my ASVAB military entrance exam.

Scott, parent of Charlotte Christian HS student, Algebra 2

Our son is a sophomore at Charlotte Christian School taking Algebra II. He has a learning disability and was struggling in this class. We hired Rob to tutor hime twice a week beginning in January.

The results have been tremendous. Our son has gone from a class average of 74 to an average of 85 and currently has a 96 average. All of this progress has been made in approximately 10 weeks.

Rob has the unique ability to explain math concepts to kids in language that they can understand. He has given our son a needed boost in his self-confidence when it comes to math. Rob is always on time, he comes to your house, at times that work for your child and he always seems excited to help our son. Our experience has been nothing but positive. We have four kids and have had several of them tutored, this is the best arrangement that we have found. We give Rob our highest recommendation.

Leslie, mother of Butler HS student, AFM

Our son, C.C., was a Senior at Butler High School. He has always struggled with Algebra. During the second semester he was taking Advanced Functions & Modeling and failing. Rob was able to work with our son twice a week and explain it to where he could understand it. In a matter of 6 weeks, he brought him up to speed and our son made an 88 on the EOC.

We wish we had found Mr. Mayville earlier in the school year. He is a lifesaver and he even helped our son's confidence and believing he could do this math and pass. Our son thinks Mr. Mayville is awesome and wishes he had him for a math teacher those four years of high school. He relates to his students on their level and goes the extra mile to help them understand the concepts.

John, Fort Mill HS student, AP Calc AB

I first met Rob when I was having trouble in my AP Calculus class. When I first met him I was surprised to find out he was actually a cool guy. When you think of a math tutor I did not have a person like Rob in mind.

Rob knew his math however and he would always find a way to answer any problem you had even if he could not do it during his tutoring session. I remember when I had a Calculus problem that Rob didn't have time to answer but to make sure I would be okay after the session he went back home and e-mailed me the solution.

Another reason I chose Rob to be my tutor was the fact that his schedule was very flexible. He could meet me where ever I could be and at almost anytime. This flexibility to see me helped in not only other school work but also making sure I had enough time for Calculus.

Ever since I have been tutored by Rob my Calculus average has increased by two points, and I scored a 98 on my midterm. I really feel as though with his help I have an increased confidence and better knowledge of math.

Kathy, parent of South Mecklenburg HS, AG Geometry

My fifteen-year old son has always had a natural ability in math until this year with his attempt at AG Geometry I. He could not grasp the concepts at all and was borderline failing the class. Rob's "emergency 911" math tutoring has helped bring his grade up to an 89%, and this has happened in only 4 weeks. He is understanding the course and his self-confidence has also greatly improved.

Rob is a master at working with kids on their level, and has helped to improve my son's attitude which makes him confident that he can do well. I only wish that I could talk Rob into tutoring the other subjects. A 5-star recommendation for Rob!

Ellen, South Mecklenburg HS, AP Calc AB

I highly recommend Mr. Rob Mayville and his tutoring services. He has helped me immensely in my high school calculus class, and increased my knowledge and understanding of the material. My grade went from a D to a B in only one quarter! Also, my speed and accuracy on tests improved, which is very important for the AP exam that I take at the end of the year.

Mr. Mayville and I meet once a week at a convenient time and location. He always trys to schedule sessions when it is convenient for me. He is on time and prepared to help. Also, he will stay as long as possible until I understand the material. Once again, I don't hesitate to recommend Mr. Rob Mayville.