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Writers of PSAT, SAT, and ACT math tests construct problems that access a student's understanding of key mathematical concepts; that is, those things that educators feel all students should know.

However, certain math concepts seem to be emphasized more than others (e.g., parallel line theorems over graphing ellipses). With targeted tutoring sessions, focusing on mastery of these key concepts, students can significantly improve their score on the SAT test.

Refine Test-taking Skills

Learn how to make educated guesses to improve your performance. Practice and review concepts covered on the math portion of the SAT test. Take actual tests to familiarize yourself with layout, directions, and the "reference formulas" provided at the beginning of the test.

ACT or SAT...Which is the best choice for you?

Historically, the math portion of the SAT emphasized Algebra 1 and Geometry, but individual items had a relatively high level of difficulty, with many "tricky" problems. The ACT, on the other hand, emphasized higher level math, in the form of more trigonometry problems, but the individual items were more straight-forward, more like homework problems seen in math class.

However, as both tests evolve over time, they have become increasing similar with a greater presence of data analysis, graph interpretation, applied trigonometry, and science-related problems.

I personally recommend all students take both exams if time and financial considerations permit it. Each test has a different feel to it, although that may change with when the new SAT arrives in 2016.