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Math Tutoring

Tutoring with the SLC Math Tutor

With regular weekly – or, for some cases, twice-weekly – sessions, I quickly get students up to speed with their math courses. When you purchase a session package in advance, you can ensure that tutoring sessions occur at an established time and place, becoming a reliable weekly addition to your student’s homework routine.

In Home Math Tutoring

Maximize your time and enjoy the comfort and convenience of sessions held your own home. Avoid rush-hour headaches by opting for in-home tutoring.

Neutral location Math Tutoring

Coffee shops or book stores can provide an optimal setting if the home is too busy. The added incentive of a fancy drink never hurts, either! If my schedule does not put me close to your home, or if your home is not ideal for studying, I will work with you to find a meeting spot that suits your needs.

Online Math Tutoring

Advances in tablet and communications technology have enabled me to successfully tutor students across the country and even around the world. This option is ideal for out-of-town students or students with tricky schedules. We meet over Skype or GoToMeeting I use OneNote to illustrate concepts and model problems directly onto student assignments (which students can scan or text directly to me) or my practice quizzes. At the end of the session I email a copy of these notes to the student for his or her reference. For GoToMeeting, if the student would prefer a “white-board experience” where both parties can write out problems, a tablet with a stylus is needed. However, it is not required for a successful online session.